3 Changes You Must Make To Your Marketing Before You Reopen Your Escape Room

Hey friends, and welcome to the latest in our special series of escape room marketing blogs centred around the ongoing worldwide pandemic, where an end may finally be in sight!

Before I get started, I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are healthy.

Last week I shared 15 ways to get ready to reopen your escape room. And I’ll say again what I said then;

Although it’s still uncertain, and will vary country by country, many escape rooms will be able to start reopening in the coming weeks. Again, there’s no set date but it’s really important for escape rooms to start getting ready.

This is incredibly important because it’s not going to be a case of opening back up one day, and business will be usual. That won’t happen. The world has changed, people have changed. Your escape room and your marketing needs to change and adapt too.

To lead on from last week, today I’m going to focus specifically on changes to your marketing that MUST be made before you reopen – and there’s a total of 3 that I believe are absolute MUSTs.

As an escape room marketer, an escape room player, and as a human being who (like everyone else) has been changed by recent events – I truly believe the 3 changes to your marketing I’m going to cover will be critical to how fast your escape room can recover from being closed for so long.

I truly believe that, and I truly want to help you all I can – so please make sure you take notes and ensure you take ACTION between now and the day you can reopen, so you’re best prepared.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

1. Change your booking info

When you think about it, your booking page is a piece of marketing in itself. Sure, your other marketing has lead to people going to your booking page – but if your booking page doesn’t do its job, people will leave without booking.

So what do you have to change with it, and why?

Let’s answer why first.

Whilst the world is slowly (and I sincerely hope it will continue to do so) turning back to normal, it will never be the same – not really.

Hygiene, social distancing, taking precautions – this has all become second nature, and whilst sure people will slowly move away from this – I do believe it will stick in the back of all of our minds for a very, very long time.

That said, your booking page and info must reflect this.

You need to change it to include all of the measures you’re taken to ensure hygiene, social distancing, and maximum safety for your customers and yourselves.

People need to be reassured that they and their loved ones won’t be at risk if they give you a visit. They need to know you’re a responsible, caring business. They need to see exactly, almost like a list, of the measures you take.

But look. I know you’re a responsible, caring business. I know you’ll want to do all you can to protect your customers and yourselves. But you have to make it crystal clear what you’re doing to ensure this, to put peoples mind at risk.

Because if there is any doubt, at all, they will not book with you. And I’m sure you don’t blame them.

So my point is, I know they’ll be measures you’re taking or planning to take to ensure this already.

But tell people what you’re doing. Put their mind at rest, and the more people are likely to book with you when you reopen.

Onto point 2.

2. Change your marketing message

What is marketing? Different people give different answers. To me, marketing in its absolute bare bones is a message. Sure, its way more complicated than that – I’ve been marketing escape rooms and businesses for over a decade, so I know all too well how much is involved with marketing.

But in essence, marketing is a message. And whilst that message will differ, it’s effectively saying

“This is what I offer, this is why you want it, this is how to get it”.

Again, I’m just simplifying things for the sake of it.

But how is this relevant to today’s blog?

Well as I said, the world has changed since you had to temporarily close your escape room. People have changed, and what they need and want have changed too.

Now what you offer will not really have changed, nor does it need to – you offer escape room experiences in different forms. That won’t change.

But how you market those experiences, the messages you put out there must.

Let’s think back to before 2020, back when everything seemed that bit easier in comparison to now.

What kind of messages and marketing did you put out?

Typically your marketing would have referred to the challenges you offer, the experience and thrill of those challenges, how you should team up with friends, family or even colleagues to over come them.

And that is largely what people came to you for. Sure they came to you for other reasons too: For fun, for something to do, for team-building. The list is endless.

And when you reopen people will still want to come to you for a challenge. BUT, their primary focus – what they want out of your experiences, will be different.

Think about it. People have been isolated for weeks, if not months, from friends, family, colleagues.

When they’re able to start going out again and socialising, you bet they’ll be looking for things to do with these people they’ve had to avoid for so long.

And that is where your escape room comes in!

When you start marketing your escape room and reopen, your messages should change to focus on this instead. It should scream “MY ESCAPE ROOM IS THE PLACE TO GO TO CATCH UP WITH FRIENDS AND HAVE SOME FUN”.

Do this, and I’m positive you’ll be able to get back on your feet and get lots of new customers when you reopen – combined with point 1, and point 3, of course. Speaking of which…

3. Change the reviews you showcase

You already know that showcasing your reviews from happy customers is critical to your marketing and getting new bookings. But the final thing you must do before you reopen, is re-organise your reviews and change them where appropriate.

As I mentioned in part 2, your marketing messaging must focus on new things: Offering experiences to have some fun with friends, family, colleagues etc. that you’ve not been able to see for ages.

So the reviews you showcase when you reopen must also reflect this messaging. The reviews you might showcase normally might include people who talk about the awesome challenge they experienced.

But where possible, you want to swap those out with reviews from people who talk about the great fun they had with friends, or family, and how much they really needed that experience.

I’m not saying you need to find reviews exactly like that to use – even if you have them, but you do need to use those that closely match your new marketing message.

When 2020 is a distant memory (and bad dream!), your messaging and marketing may change again and different things will impact that. Just make sure your reviews which are critical to your marketing also change to reflect that.

One more thing…

Ok, so there are 3 changes you MUST make to your marketing before you reopen. But I wanted to share one final thing that I believe will help you to start getting pre-bookings, virtual bookings or normal bookings when you reopen.

In fact, this will increase your bookings by up to 15%!

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That’s all for this week friends, I’ll see you again same time next week and please make sure you take action on everything I’ve covered today. They will really help you to get back on your feet when you can finally reopen your doors to the public!

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And on a personal note I wish you all and your loved ones all the best in the coming days and weeks

Thank You 😊

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