How To Make Your Hard Earned Reviews Work Hard For You And Get You More Bookings!

Hey, and welcome to the first escape room marketing blog of February. January just flew by!   

Last week I talked about How To Get 10% More Bookings Using Remarketing. Click here to read that now.

Today, however, I want to talk about how you can use your positive reviews to their fullest. The fact is, you and your team work hard each and every day to deliver amazing experiences – and the 5* ratings that you will surely receive all of the time.

But you’re probably not working anywhere near as hard when it comes to using your ratings to get more and more customers. That’s no fault of your own, it’s not always clear how to use your ratings to your advantage, nor do you have the time!

But today I want to make it as easy as possible for you to not only use your ratings to get more bookings but also how to make it as easy as possible to get many more ratings.

You see, not getting a rating doesn’t mean somebody didn’t enjoy your escape room. Sometimes people are in a rush, or just forget. So there are some effective ways I’m going to share with you to get more reviews out of your customers.

Compared to some of the other strategies I share on the blog, you’ll already be very familiar with the concept of ratings and will have plenty to play with already. So this is a great strategy to use and get started with instantly.

That being said, regardless of how busy you are you have no excuse not to get started and put at least one of the suggestions I’m going to make into action in the next 7 days.

So make sure you take plenty of notes and be ready to choose at least one way of getting more reviews and/or using your reviews to get new customers – because I’m going to be asking you which you’ve picked at the end!

Before We Dive In

Before we get started, I wanted to go into a bit more depth about why the strategies I’m going to share with you ae so effective. I want you to be fully bought into it because I want you to win! I want you to get more bookings as a direct result of what I’m about to share. It’s why I do what I do, each and every week 😊

This strategy targets anybody interested in perhaps booking a room with you, but are a little unsure about whether it is worth their money, or if the experience is any good. Many of these people will be new to escape rooms, so hearing from previous visitors will help them to make the decision.

This strategy works so well because reviews and testimonials have become a critical part of the buying process for any product & service – not just escape rooms. It’s rare to purchase anything these days without reviewing reviews of the seller and the product/service itself.

That also makes the strategy an essential ally to all of your other marketing, as you’ll soon see a rise in conversion and booking rates from your other marketing when you’re showing off your reviews more and more.

What you need:

-Happy customers! (Which you will never be short of we’re sure)

-A system and/or training to ensure every opportunity is taken to capture new reviews

-An appreciation of how important reviews are – you’ve worked so hard to get happy customers, it’s time to use that to get even more customers!

Without further ado, then, let’s get started with step 1…

Step 1 – Getting Every Possible Review

Before we talk about how to use your reviews, let’s talk about how and where to acquire them. Whether you ask for them or not, you’ll already have some and receive new ones often. That’s a great start. But the idea is to get as close to 100% of your customers leaving positive reviews in one or more locations.

There are four main places reviews can be submitted:

  • Review sites
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Posts/comments/emails/etc sent in

The absolute BEST time to ask for reviews from customers is straight after they’ve finished playing your room. They’ll be hyped, energized, and be more than open to leaving you a review then and there or when they get home. So catch every group and briefly ask them (if they want) to leave a review.

Give them the facilities to write a review then and there, or explain how and where they can leave reviews when they get home. Another very point to include is the quality in reviews. Leaving a 5/5 rating is good, but it’s even better if they also leave a comment. Longer reviews that go into detail about emotions and experiences do best. Try to get that across to your customers.

Sadly, no matter how happy customers will be, there will always be some who won’t want to leave a review, or they’ll just forget to. The key is to do a follow-up email and/or text, inviting them to leave a review and explain how they can. People are just busy; your job is to make things as easy as possible for them to leave a review!

You can even consider offering a 10% discount to sweeten the deal to get new reviews. We’re not suggesting this as any kind of bribe! But it will make people more open to taking the time out of their busy day to leave a review.

Now you’re getting as many reviews as possible, let’s put them to work!

Step 2 – Using Your Best Reviews On Your Website

The first marketing platform you want to use your reviews on is your website. Ideally, you’ll be able to integrate your review software with your website. If not, screenshots of a well-selected group of reviews will work just as well.

At an absolute minimum, there are two places on your website where you want to showcase your best reviews: The Homepage and the Booking Page. These are two locations where your reviews will make the biggest difference. Ideally, the reviews on both pages will differ too, and as you won’t be short of reviews to use, that shouldn’t be a problem!

Escape room websites can vary, but ideally, we’d recommend a separate webpage just for reviews. You can call it “what visitors say” or some variation of that. This can be where you can show off as many reviews as possible, and people will click to look at them because of how critical reviews are to their decision-making process.

One very important note on reviews on your website. Not only do you want the best reviews on show, you always want a variety of them. When you think about it and really dig down deep, your customer list can be segmented into smaller groups: Families, Friends, Colleagues & Businesses.

You want to showcase reviews from each of these groups so they can have the maximum influence over potential new customers who will come from one of these groups themselves. Whilst you may know one review is from a family, for example, the review really needs to be clear.

Here are a few examples:

“Great family day out”

“Our friendships were tested, but we made it through together – 5/5!”

“Fantastic team-building exercise!”

Keep all of this in mind for the next steps too.

Step 3 – Using Your Reviews On ALL Social Media

Social Media is where you next want to showcase your reviews. As part of the review process, your Facebook will already have some reviews, which is a great start.

However, as part of your content posting schedule across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. you want to include different reviews over time. If possible, combine a review with a team photo for added effect.

But remember the power of variety – aim to share at least one review a week on social media from a family, a group of friends, and a business.

Step 4 – Using Your Reviews On All Other Marketing

Your website and social media are the places where your hard-earned reviews can be best put to work. But you should constantly look out for ways to showcase your reviews in all other pieces of marketing:

  • Emails
  • Direct Mail
  • PPC Ads
  • All strategies covered in this guide!

Take some time to brainstorm every piece of marketing you do, and how you can maximize their impact by including reviews. Even if it’s just one or two. And remember the importance of variety to ensure your reviews appeal to every customer group!

Will You Earn Five Stars For Action?

So there you go, there is exactly how you can not only get more reviews, but how to use them to get more bookings, customers and even more reviews! An endless circle of happy smiles 😊

But will you take what you’ve learned and put it into action? At the start I asked you to take notes, and think about which suggestion(s) you will put into action in the next 7 days. You will already have lots of reviews, so there’s nothing stopping you from getting started 😉

Post below to share what learning you’re going to put into action, and be sure to come back and let me know how it went for you!  

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