Key 2 + 3 Of Escape Room Marketing – Targeting + Audiences

Hey, and welcome to the latest escape room marketing blog. We’re in the final weeks of quarter 1 of 2021, can you believe it?! Time flies when having fun and boy do I have fun writing these blogs and helping escape rooms to grow!

Fun really is a critical element to the escape room industry. You want your customers to have fun, and you as the owner must have fun too – otherwise, it’s just not worth it, right?

Anyway, enough of that!  Last week I shared the 1st of 8 keys of escape room marketing: Engagement. Click here to read that now if you missed it!

Today I want to share not one, but two further keys to escape room marketing: Targeting & Audiences.

But before we start – I have some bad news…


Look, I don’t know the best way to say this, so I’m just going to come out with it.

Please brace yourself……


Not everybody who lives in the same town/city as your escape room will be interested in visiting and playing :O


Sorry, but it’s just true!

Call Me Mr Brightside!

BUT on the bright side, this bad news also leaves a great opportunity for you and your escape room 😊

By acknowledging that sad truth, you are forced to be cleverer with your marketing. You’ll realise it’s no longer enough to simply promote to everybody locally.

You have to market to specific audiences in the places they hang out with the messages they want to hear!

You do that, and you’ll get more bookings with less marketing spend! See, it’s not all bad news!

To really help demonstrate how you can be that bit more cleverer with your marketing, today I’m going to dive into 3 very different escape room audiences, where you can find them, and the messages they want to hear from your marketing.

That way, you can go out and tweak your marketing in no time!

But before we get started, just stop for a moment.

There’s going to be a lot of ideas in this blog post, almost too many. Your head might be boggled; you might be unsure where to start. But that’s fine!

You don’t have to try everything I talk about, but please, PLEASE, pick 1 of the 3 audiences I’m going to talk about – and go forth and start getting more bookings from them using everything I share.

ACTION is the ultimate key to escape room marketing success, and ACTION defeats any bad news!

Audience 1: Those looking for a challenge or an escape room!

Ok, let’s start with an easy one: those looking for a challenge and/or looking for an escape room. This is only a small number of people, and yet they will make up a significant chunk of your customer base.

So that’s the audience and the first key. But it’s not enough to identify an audience. You now need to determine where is best to market to them (where do they hang out the most), and what kind of message they want to hear.

Without these points, you’ll have little luck marketing and getting bookings from this critical audience base.

Let’s start with where. Where is best to market to them because they hang out there the most?

To be fair, this question has a lot of answers. Some obvious, others less so. But for simplicity, let’s stick with one place: social media.

As these are people who love challenges, love escape rooms, and want more – they are likely to actively seek out more, particular on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. So much so that they may actively visit your facebook pages before you do any kind of promotion!

So if they are the locations you’re going to target this audience with, what kind of messages do they want to hear?

I’m not going to go into detail, but your marketing to this audience want to include words and phrases like:

“Can you beat this room?”

“Have you got what it takes?”

“Are you good enough?”

As you can see, these phrases are enticing, they’re challenging your audience, which is perfect because guess what? They love a challenge!

I hope you can see how this fits together.

Let’s look at another audience…

Audience 2: Those looking for something fun to do with friends/family

So this is another major escape room audience, but when you really think about it, they’re completely different to audience 1. Sure, they have many reasons why they’d like an escape room – but those reasons differ. And so, therefore, should your approach!

Let’s follow the same format and dive into both where this audience hangs out, and what kind of message they want to hear.

For the sake of simplicity again, let’s stick with a single WHERE: Google. Somebody is bored; they’re looking for something to do in the area with their friends or family. What do they do, they Google things like “Things to do in TOWN/CITY”.

So with SEO, website keywords, and Google Ads – you can ensure your marketing comes up when people search for things like this. But what should your messaging be?

Lets quickly compare audience 2 with audience 1. Audience 1 was focussed on not just having something to do, but something challenging. Audience 2 is after something fun to do in a group.

Both needs can be filled by escape rooms, but both require different messaging.

So marketing using terms and phrases like the below will do well:

“Fun for all the family”

“Action packed”

“Can you and your friends escape?”

I hope you can start to see the importance of specific messaging for specific audiences. These messages wouldn’t work with audience 1, but they’ll work with this audience.

And now, onto a third example to really cement my point…

Audience 3: Those looking for team-building activities

This is, in my opinion, another key audience for escape rooms and one (again, in my opinion) that is significantly neglected. I don’t see enough escape rooms going after corporate bookings like this, and they’re missing out big time! If you feel like you neglect this audience, then pick this one as the one to focus on after you finish reading!

So what does this audience want? They want something that aids in team-building for their employees and colleagues. Sure, part of this may involve the need for a challenge or a need for fun – like audience 1 + 2. But the primary need is for team-building activities.

Keep that in mind for the messaging part.

But first, WHERE does this audience hang out? Again, many places. But a great place to market and go fishing for corporate bookings is Linkedin – the corporate Facebook!

And what kind of messaging do they want to see? Not challenge-based, not fun-based, but team-building based! So things like…

“Great for team-building”

“Bring your team together to escape!”

“Team work makes the dream work”

See how this all fits together?

Audience + Marketing Location + Messaging = more bookings!

And because it’s so specific, so well targeted, so well thought through and quite frankly, way cleverer than broad generic marketing – you’ll experience a great ROI!

What Will It Be? 1, 2 or 3?

I really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, and that my passion for marketing and doing things the right way is showing through. I really want you to succeed!

Before I let you go, though, which audience are you going to focus on with your marketing next?

Is it audience 1 – those looking for a challenge?

Audience 2 – those looking for fun with friends & family?

Or Audience 3 – those looking for team-building?

Comment below and let me know!


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