Lights, Camera, Action – How To Make A Great Escape Room Trailer, And How To Use It To Attract New Customers

Hey, and welcome to the last escape room marketing blog of February! I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe we’re nearly in March of 2020 already!

Last week I talked about The Art Of Making Friends, Networking, And Winning New Customers Click here to read that now.

For today, though, let’s talk about something different – let’s talk about video trailers or teaser videos.

Trailer or teaser videos are fantastic at transforming interested parties into bookings. The impact of having trailers and/or teaser videos for each of your escape room is huge. By being able to showcase just a little of the experience, challenge, and fun each room offers – you’ll start to receive more bookings in no time!

This strategy works because the fact is, marketing an escape room is difficult. It’s hard to get across the experience people will well – experience! Whether that’s on social media, your website, emails, direct mail, etc.

Video is a fantastic tool for marketing any industry but in particular, escape rooms. They allow people to see some (but not all!) of what they could face and experience if they were to book one of your rooms. It engages them and grabs them towards pressing that book now button.

What you need:

  • A smartphone or a camera that can record video
  • OR budget to hire a professional video person (Minimum several hundred dollars)
  • Video editing software and somebody who is great at using it
  • OR budget to hire a video editor either locally or online on sites such as (Aim for $100 for a good quality video)

There are two main halves to this strategy:

  • Creating the trailer/teasers
  • Using them to get bookings

If you have multiple escape rooms, ideally, you’d have a trailer for each. However, you can start with one and perfect the process as you go along.

BUT, before we get onto step 1… let’s do step 0!

Step 0 is critical because without it, you might as well not take the time to read and learn this strategy. Step 0 is all about action because as you read through the blog, you need to be preparing yourself for taking action – creating a trailer and using it to get new bookings!

So brace yourself, read on, and make lots of notes so you can look back at them as you put this strategy into ACTION!

Step 1 – Recording Footage

Whether you record the footage yourself or hire a professional, the step is basically the same. You want to collect as much footage of your escape room as possible. The more footage you have, the more you have to utilize when you edit and create the trailer or teaser.

Some guidelines for the footage:

  • Go for different angles – a great one is the perspective of somebody walking into the room
  • Focus in on different parts of the room that make it stand out and are specific to the theme of the room
  • Optional: get a few actors in to play some of the puzzles and record their expressions – they want to be shocked, surprised, but clearly having fun!
  • Don’t worry too much about the quality at this stage if you record on your phone
  • Miss out nothing, get all the footage you can

Step 2 – Editing And Creating A Great Trailer

Next, you’re going to put that footage to use and create something awesome with it. Whether you’re going to create something yourself or hire a professional, as creative people, you/they should already know what makes a great video.

However, to help you to create a great trailer or teaser for your room that generates bookings, here’s a list of things you need to include or have:

  • It should be short and snappy – 60 second is perfect
  • The main form of communication on the video will be words
    • But you can do a voice over too – if you’re not confident to do it yourself, you can find an outsourcer for that too!
  • The video should have an intro, a middle and an end
    • The intro must catch attention, so people don’t stop watching
    • The middle must cover the experiences of the escape room – the emotions they’ll face, the challenge, and it must ask the question – are they up for it?
    • The end must have a call to action – it must scream BOOK YOUR EXPERIENCE TODAY
  • Look at some of the great movie trailers and use them for inspiration
  • Background music that sets the mood of that particular room is great – if it’s a horror theme, for example, have some spooky music. Etc.
  • Add in some different sound effects to really enhance it

The thing about videos and trailers, in general, is there is no perfect template or format. Combine some creativity and inspiration, with the vibes of your room and your escape room in general and see what you come up with. Don’t copy somebody else’s frame for frame – different is better!

Now let’s put your trailer to use!

Step 3 – Putting Your Trailer To Work!

The first place you want to put your trailer on is your website. If you have multiple room,s you’ll have a specific page or section of your website for each. Your trailer must be there, and it must be large, so people see and click it!

Next up – social media. You want to plaster your masterpiece all over your social media! In particular

  • Facebook – post the trailer every few weeks and more often if you have more than one room. In the text of the post have clear call to action to book that room now
  • Facebook ads – combine your trailer with strategy 6!
  • Youtube – if you don’t have a Youtube for your escape room, now is the time. A lot of other social media strategies for escape rooms don’t include the use or need of Youtube. However, having trailers is perfect. Upload them, label, and tag them well and you’ll start to get some traffic!
  • Instagram – Upload your trailer (or shorter snippets) as stories and posts
  • Other: Twitter/Linkedin, etc. Post the trailer every few weeks on these platforms, depending how often you post other content. There needs to be a good mix of other content and not just the same trailer post!

Whilst your website and social media are the best places to show off your trailer, you can use them on all of your other marketing. Other uses are links in emails or texts, shown on tv screens at your reception and even on local television channels!

Step 4 – New Room Launches

Whilst trailers are a general marketing strategy; they can also be used for the launch of new rooms. This is a perfect opportunity to launch your new room with a BANG! You can release a trailer or snippets over several weeks, building up suspense and withholding information on your new room.

You can use this to build a waiting list of people who want to be among the first to play the new room and this way, you can have weeks of constant buildings upon launch!

It’s also a great asset for marketing a new room specific to past customers. They’ve experienced one or more of your other rooms, they’ll love being teased about a new one and they’ll kill to be among the first to try it!

There’s Lights, There’s Cameras, But Is There Action?

You’ve read and learned how to create a trailer and how to use it to get more bookings. Well done!

But remember the critical part: ACTION!

Start by creating a trailer using the pointers, and then make sure you make the most of it by following the instructions covered.

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